Terrorism and the rising brutality

Many ask us at Police Science Institute … “why is it so important for the general public to undertake terrorism studies”?


The Institute’s Founder and Program Director, David A. Dadoun, responds “because, sadly to say, the scourge of terrorism and the rising brutality and evil demonstrated by such groups as ISIS seems to daily bring this horror to new levels of depravity beyond the comprehension of any normal person or society.


A perfect example of such destruction has recently been seen in the violent devastation of the historic city of Palmyra, Syria in May where thousands of years of important and revered religious history was intentionally destroyed by way of leveling the Temple of Baal Shamin.


While there can be no justification on ANY grounds, in order to truly take steps in the future to combat such conduct, we must affirmatively develop an educated understanding of “WHAT” drives such terrorist groups to cause such destruction.   It is incumbent upon every peace-seeking human to become factually educated as to the real history and tenets of terrorism from antiquity to present in order to even begin making a difference.


Most of us mistakenly rely solely upon news coverage and pundits for our “knowledge” of terrorism and its elements.  However … remember the old adage “knowledge is power”.  We who seek to foster the destruction of global terror cannot do so effectively unless we are first fully cognizant of its history, “rationales”, root intentions and inherent propensities.”


An excellent article written in the Huffington Post (along with video) provides a clear appreciation of the Palmyra destruction:



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