A Career in the field of Child Abuse Prevention

The objectives of Police Science Institute’s highly unique course in Child Abuse – Recognition and Prevention has been thoughtfully designed in order to instruct, educate and raise awareness for individuals who possess an interest in recognizing the signs of, varied versions of, and, tremendous personal and societal impact of, child abuse within the framework of our every-day lives.  The course endeavors to increase your level of understanding, your keen interest and desire to “make a difference”, and, your commitment to practical modes by which to decrease such activity.


We at Police Science Institute, along with our Affiliate Organizations, maintain a very special and ongoing concern regarding the issue of child abuse … regardless of in whatever form or manifestation such conduct may present.  Child abuse, globally, directly affects (at least) Forty Million (40,000,000) children on an annual basis … assuredly a staggering number and an issue requiring the immediate, consistent and intensive attention by all of society.


The act of child abuse is neither restricted nor exclusively limited to either a single physical attack or a single instance of a failure to meet a child's basic needs, although that does occur.  In most cases, unfortunately, it manifests as a defined pattern of behavior taking place over an extended period of time.  With few exceptions, it involves intentional acts committed by a parent, caregiver or person in a position of trust and/or direct responsibility who threatens to harm (or in some other overt manner negatively impact) a child's physical and/or emotional welfare.


It has been found that abused children tend to lack development in (collectively) social, cognitive, physical and emotional skills.  Many become dependent upon drugs (and/or alcohol), degrade into legal trouble(s) and/or become runaways.  Further, abused female children additionally tend to become involved in serious (damaging) relationships at a very early age in an effort to “escape” their negative family life / situation, and, as a result thereof, often find themselves eventually involved in abusive relationships in repeated fashion.


It also is a fact that many people are simply uncomfortable with the entire topic and nature of the child abuse issue.  The true “reality” is that merely turning one’s head in denial or summary avoidance serves only to promote and even enhance the problem … as the responsibility to identify and eradicate child abuse falls within the non-exclusive purview of EVERY PERSON EVERYWHERE.  There are no “exemptions” in that regard.


And, for many years, the entire area of child abuse was a matter of ignorance for many citizens. The topic was not discussed within family units, in hospital procedures manuals, in medical schools’ academic curriculum, noreven as a part of law enforcement training.  In response to that deficiency, Police Science Institute has stepped up with real-life and practical considerations through our very unique course in Child Abuse – Recognition and Prevention !

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