A Career in the Field of Criminal Profiling

The educational information presented in Police Science Institute’s course in Criminal Profiling is highly-valuable material carefully designed and set out specifically for individuals seeking to gain knowledge as to the venue of “Criminal Profiling” for either academic study and/or career consideration purposes.


However, in order to understand and be able to properly appreciate the many tasks undertaken by a professional Criminal Profiler, it is important that you first learn the basics of Criminology.      By studying the history and origin of Criminology, and, its field of competency, the work of the Criminal Profiler will simply emerge in the right perspective.  As such, we at Police Science Institute urge you to take your time in first developing a clear “overview” of Criminology, and, to therewith consider how it affects your everyday life.


We may define the term “Criminology” as that area of study and practice that utilizes a broad range of knowledge concerning the prevention, etiology, control and treatment of both crime and delinquency.  Overall, it may be viewed as the field of reconstructing criminal events in order to give them a practical meaning, and, necessarily includes the measurement and detection of crime, legislation and practice of criminal law, as well as the collective interaction with the law enforcement, judicial and correctional systems.


Since the beginning, Criminology has (and still is to some lesser extent) undergone a struggle to positively increase its scientific acceptance, scientific reputation, and, to finally be recognized as a well-established, professional venue.


Many of the recognition problems have derived from the fact that Criminology does not maintain its own, unique research methodology, but in the alternative, borrows from many broad practices and latest developments from various fields of study such as law, psychology, anthropology, sociology, psychiatry, biology, chemistry and medicine.


When we speak of the “field of competency” as it relates to the Criminologist, we are referring to the vast and collective areas of study regarding the main criminological elements … such as victims, deviation and human aberrance, fear of crimes and criminal behavior, along with crime perpetrators, social awareness and crime records, to name a few.


Within that context, the venue of Criminal Profiling exists as a relatively new, expanding and more accepted sub-specialty of professional expertise.  Police Science Institute therefore proudly provides you an in-depth “overview” of Criminology along with its relevant aspects pertaining to a Criminal Profiling career option !


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