How diverse is the field of Private Investigation?

David Dadoun, Police Science Institute Founder and Program Director replies … “Diversity within the Private Investigation venue is the ‘rule rather than the exception’.  Most seeking to enter this very popular field quite often do not realize its true magnitude and diversity until much later in their learning process.  Within this profession, there are many, many ‘sub-specialties’ (or, areas of specialization) that are open to the new Private Investigator after he / she has completed ‘basic’ training and a ‘generalist’ apprenticeship”.


Some of these areas of specialization include:


  • The “General Investigator”… this Investigator customarily “balances” a multitude of different clients … small businesses, corporations, retail establishments and private individuals, and, therefore undertakes a multitude of constantly varying assignments.
  • The “Legal Investigator”… this Investigator is most always engaged by an attorney or law firm representing a diversity of client needs, with primary duties to be the accumulation and organization of “case facts” in order that the designated attorney may utilize that evidence during negotiations and/or trial to the client’s benefit.
  • The “Insurance Investigator”… this Investigator is either employed directly by insurance companies, or, can be sub-contracted by them for investigation services to be rendered, and, many of the duties undertaken by “Insurance Investigators” are akin (and overlap) with those of a “Legal Investigator”.
  • The “Corporate Investigator”… this Investigator is customarily hired by larger corporations and businesses in order to undertake a very wide variety of duties and functions, to include, but not limited to, pre-employment checks, internal theft, falsification of records, work-place accidents, workmen's compensation, pirating, violation of trade secrets and shoplifting.
  • The “Financial Investigator” … this Investigator may also be a Certified Public Accountant, assisting in investigative services related to embezzlement and/or large financial dealings.
  • AND … MANY other related Professional Specialties.

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