Mr. Putin’s new Middle East terror predicament

Since the recent crash of the Russian commercial, passenger airliner in the Egyptian Sinai, Vladimir Putin has found himself in a very difficult political quandary … a quandary that he most assuredly did not anticipate nor for which he prepared.   After commencing direct and active military intervention with Russian airpower and military forces in Syria, he has placed himself in a position whereby he is now going to have to “explain” to his homeland WHY he decided to get so deeply involved, resulting in the death of 214 Russian citizens.


From a global standpoint, this is becoming “a political game-changer”.   Both Putin and the Egyptians have steadfastly denied all evidence leading to an ISIS-planted explosive device having been sneaked onboard the airliner before take-off.   All other indications, and, now clear evidence (including the “black box” results), presumptively refute those denials.    


From “intelligence chatter” between ISIS and its affiliate groups in Egypt, along with the “black box” presenting the sound of an in-air explosion, to U.S. satellite pictures of a “flash” at the time and place of the event, it is becoming clear that Mr. Putin’s military involvement to aid the Assad regime (in lieu of his stated objectives to “fight ISIS”) is unraveling.


For Mr. Putin, his problem arises from the fact that his underlying agenda of re-taking major influence in the Middle East (in concert with the Iranian mullahs) following U.S. President Obama’s feckless and withdrawal-based foreign policy will now come into question, and, most likely be subject to great objection by the Russian people themselves.


As for the Egyptians, nothing could be worse than to have proven an ISIS bomb having been permitted to elude their “airport security” protocols.   The ramifications for such “loose scrutiny” by their aviation agents would have a dramatic and highly-negative impact upon the very critical Egyptian tourism industry.


This appears to be one of those RARE occasions in international affairs where the hidden agendas of nations become very clear in the “light of day” when facts surpass diversionary propaganda.  While this event should be a “wake-up” call as to the dangerously increasing spread and extent of ISIS terrorism, will this “require” a prompt and massive retaliation actually against ISIS by Mr. Putin in order merely to “save face” ?


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