The next U.S. administration MUST countermand the horrific U.S. - Iran nuclear deal

The failure of the U.S. Congress to halt the implementation of the Obama Administration’s nuclear agreement with Tehran effectively has resulted in the fact that the U.S. is now strapped with a VERY bad deal as to Iran’s nuclear program (at least for the present).  Iran’s radical Islamist regime will now incredibly benefit from the suspension of international sanctions without dismantling its nuclear infrastructure (having thereby been left virtually intact).


This author, in complete agreement with the (U.S.) “Heritage Foundation’s” stance, completely concurs that the totally unacceptable U.S. - Iran Nuclear Deal has severely weakened relationships between the U.S. and important allies, has undermined the perceived reliability of the U.S. as an ally, and, has tremendously aided Iran to reinvigorate its economy and substantially expand its regional (and terrorist) influence.


Pursuant to the Agreement, once oil sanctions are lifted, Iran will immediately gain enhanced resources in order to finance escalating threats and terrorist activity with regard to both the U.S. and its allies, and, as such, the next U.S. Administration MUST take a much tougher and more realistic approach to deterring and preventing an Iranian nuclear breakout.


Instead of endorsing a dangerous agreement that bolsters Iran’s economy, that facilitates its military buildup, and, that paves the way for an eventual Iranian nuclear breakout, the next U.S. Administration MUST accelerate efforts to deter, contain and even roll back the influence of Iran’s theocratic dictatorship, which continues to call for “death to America.”


And, as very well set out by the “Heritage Foundation”, and, as quoted there from, the next U.S. Administration MUST insist upon a proper agreement that would also require:  “expanded sanctions on Iran; strengthening U.S. military forces in order to provide greater deterrence against an Iranian nuclear breakout;   strengthening U.S. alliances, especially with Israel; putting a high priority on missile defense; deterring nuclear proliferation; expanding domestic oil and gas production; lifting the ban on U.S. oil exports to put downward pressure on world prices; banning Iran from ALL uranium enrichment activities; dismantling substantial portions of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, particularly the Fordow and Natanz uranium enrichment facilities and Arak heavy water reactor; performing robust inspections on an “anytime anywhere” basis and real-time monitoring of Iranian nuclear facilities; linking sanctions relief to Iranian compliance; ensuring that Iran comes clean on its past ‘weaponization’ efforts;  and, determining a clear and rapid process for re-imposing all sanctions if Iran is caught cheating.”


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