Have You Done Your Market Research ?

You have just decided to enroll in a Private Investigation or another related on-line Course … your adrenalin is pumping and you're so eager to get started! … BUT … a single, important question first … “have you done your market research?


I know … market research … HOW BORING!


However, before you "tune out" and disregard the question, you must take time to think about what it will entail to commence your studies.  The fact is, you are going to be investing a great deal of energy and time … not to mention a financial commitment.  Is it not realistic to insure that you receive the best education available?


You bet it is!


So … before you become overly-eager, it is vitally important that you consider the following issues:


In selecting an Educational Institution, what are the most important things to consider …?


  • What does the particular Educational Institution have to “offer”?
  • Who comprises the Faculty?
  • Why is it important to have pre-knowledge about the Faculty?
  • What goals and “end game” do you really desire to accomplish?


We will address some of these matters in the following order:


What does the particular Educational Institution have to offer?


Most Educational Institutions today offering Private Investigation (et al) training are basically claiming the same … "we are the best".  Well, merely claiming that you are the best does not necessarily make it so.


We would like to once and for all put some order and clarity to this particular field of study and practice.   First, let us examine the requirements of the States / Provinces and Countries in order for anyone to become a “licensed” Private Investigator.


You might be shocked to find out that most States and Provinces, and, Countries for that matter, DO NOT require ANY “pre-training” nor any "schooling" in the field of Private Investigation and Private Security … you simply apply for a job with any licensed Agency, and, with a letter / form signed by the Agency, you will receive your license as a “Private Investigator” effectively that same moment.   Some States / Provinces and Countries do require you to demonstrate minimal training and some "working hours" in a Private Investigation Agency, as well as the passing of a test in order for you to obtain your desired Private Investigator license.  This process varies from State to State, Province to Province and Country to Country.


Secondly, you must remember that your obtained ”license” issued in California holds no “standing” in New York … your license from one Country similarly holds no standing in any other Country.     “Full reciprocity” is a seldom-found commodity.


Thirdly, some Educational Institutions advertise the fact that their school is "approved”.  With a minimum, cursory investigation, you will find that their "approval" has absolutely no pragmatic applicability / nothing to do with the veracity of course material, but rather reflects some IRS exemption … (i.e., religious or charitable tax exemption).    In truth, this has nothing to do with Private Investigation training, nor attaches to the veracity of the course(s) quality / value.


Finally, our suggestion is for you to very carefully examine the websites of the particular Educational Institution(s).  Study all thoroughly, and, analyze each site as to the following criteria:


  • What are the “strengths and weaknesses” of each site?
  • What information and/or services does each site provide?
  • What did you like and/or dislike about each site?


Subsequently, if necessary and/or if desired, get directly in touch with the respective Educational Institution(s) for any and all further information and/or clarification that you may feel is important in order for you to make an INFORMED decision.


Remember … you must ask yourself this question …   do I want to be the BEST?


Who comprises the Faculty ? 


Let us now consider the matter of “teachers (Faculty)”.  Most Educational Institutions offering Private Investigation and Private Security training are managed by former (or current) Police Officers or Private Investigators. Immediately, you should ask yourself, "What practical experience do they have in the many varied and specialized fields of investigation"?  After all, no single instructor has done everything!   At the same time, many other Educational Institutions are simply “managed” by business people who, in many instances, have acquired some "old" courses and/or outdated material(s), thereafter offering same to the general public … and in all respects being completely unqualified to ascertain true veracity and value.


It is unfortunate to note that very few Educational Institutions “on line” (and otherwise) take this business seriously, and, those that do, should without exception maintain Faculty Members that have extensive practical experience in the varied and specialized fields of Investigation, Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism, Forensic Science, Criminal Law and Security (from personal to installation security), etc.  In all such instances, those Faculty Members should as well be participatory in the design, formation and ongoing development of the Educational Institution’s course material(s).


Finally, you must ask yourself (in addition to "book learning") … what about Practical Training?


Why is it important ? 


The answer is all too obvious!   “IF you want to be the BEST, you MUST be trained by the BEST."


To be trained by an Investigator whose significant and/or major experience has been limited to process serving, matrimonial cases, some accident cases, retail investigation (i.e., shoplifting), or, by a former Police Officer or Junior Detective whomever …  YOUR education .. AND your professional value(s) … are in dire jeopardy.   Accordingly, most Educational Institutions which maintain this type of Faculty will not and cannot train you to be the BEST (despite any good intentions, representations or otherwise).   As you can see, a careful evaluation of the School's Faculty is of utmost importance to your future success.


Furthermore, the business of Private Investigation and Security (et al) can at times place your life at risk  …  you therefore must trust your life to the very BEST educators and very best Programs available.


What “goals” and “end game” do you really want to accomplish?


We have now returned to the beginning of our "discussion" …   do you want to be the BEST?


If your answer is "yes", undertake your “market research” and find the "best".   If your answer is "no”, and, you just want to have some basic training “in order that I can get a job," then seek the most cost-effective training available regardless of the other aspects.


Bottom line, it is all about YOU  ...  your goals, your standards, your commitment and your desired level of achievement.


Once you have completed your decision-making experience, you should be in a better position to factually determine which Educational Institution can provide to you the BEST academic education, Student and Alumni Services as well as advanced future Practical Training.


The key here is to carefully examine "what is out there" and how each choice may best benefit you to become the BEST.  What kind of Investigator can you be?


Whether it be Police Science Institute or otherwise … we deeply respect and honor your consideration of us as your “home base”.

Copyright © Police Science Institute 
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