Despite is “flaws”, is Criminal Profiling here to stay ?

When we examine the ongoing and future utility of Criminal Profiling, we must first accept the fact that there exist no guarantees in the “realm of socio-behavioral science”.   Even the best prediction tools only forecast what SOME of the people will do SOME of the time.


Nonetheless, the practice of Criminal Profiling has become much improved year by year.   More and more cases are utilizing profiling techniques as more police agencies and personnel are becoming more confident in the process and the results to be obtained therefrom.


Courts, however, are still somewhat reluctant to admit the process as evidence as there is little empirical foundation as to its ability to solve crime.   But, as suggested by Holmes & Holmes, “with the right training, particularly among those closest to the crime (i.e., law enforcement), profiling would be in a better position to advance remarkably” (including, but not limited to, the aspect of computerized profiling, etc.). 


While computerized monitoring of offenders is widely in use, the principle drawback to computerized profiling has been that a computer works only upon the information in its data base (the old “garbage in / garbage out” mentality).   As we continue to do empirical research on the traits and characteristics of known serial killers, serial rapists or other such criminals, and, input that data, the results could be better-used in order to analyze a present, unsolved case through “enhanced linkage analysis”.


That data could contain crime scene elements, personality characteristics, deviant behaviors, everyday activities and numerous other factors.   It would also be helpful if a greater number of colleges, institutes and universities offered more programs, degrees, seminars and instruction in the field of Criminal Profiling, this being in addition to private companies that teach the basic principles.


We at Police Science Institute believe that the venue of Criminal Profiling will assuredly continue to expand, and, will serve to become a greater influence upon crime solving potentials across the board.   Needless to say, the increased need for qualified profiling personnel will create a vastly-expanded market for qualified candidates, and, we have met that challenge through our online “Criminal Profiling” Course.


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