The Private Security Guard - creating a good public image

In our exceptional online Course “Private Security”, we at Police Science Institute early-on discuss the need for, and, the methods available to, the Professional Security Officer for creating and maintaining a favorable image when dealing with the public.


In order to make (and keep) a favorable image, being 1 of the major assets of a guard force, there are several aspects that must be addressed.   As such, to a large degree this image is formed primarily upon:


  • the appearance of the men and women in uniform;
  • their attitude when dealing with people;
  • the courtesy and respect they show to others; and,
  • their level of training and efficiency.


In discussing the primary roles and duties of a Professional Security Officer / Guard Force in relation to protective security, we focus our scope upon those roles and duties that a newly-recruited Security Officer should, and, must know in the performance of his / her job as a Professional Security Officer.   The duties of a Professional Security Officer will, to a great extent, vary considerably.     


The duties that he / she is required to perform when on the job are normally contained in “orders and instructions” issued by the Supervisor in response to the Security Policy developed by management.     In some cases, these “instructions” are only verbal, however, normally they are written so that there can be no doubt in the mind of the Security Officer as to his / her specified duties and responsibilities.


Whatever the duties may be, the Professional Security Officer must always remember that his / her primary task is to provide protection.    Therein, there are 3 main categories into which such “security” falls … “Security of Information”, “Security of Personnel” and “Security of Material and Property” (“Physical Security”).


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