U.S. President Obama has, since first being elected, always declared that he is “fighting for the middle class” ?  But, despite that statement, real median family income in America has remained in a continuous downward spiral since he became President.   If he is so “fighting for the middle class,” why has he refused to approve the Keystone Pipeline, for example ? It is clear to all that building and maintaining the pipeline would provide thousands of good-paying jobs, as would refining and selling the oil and gas from the Gulf Coast refineries.


In addition, President Obama has regularly called for raising taxes in order to increase government spending to build further infrastructure, with millions of “shovel ready” jobs supposedly having been waiting for that government rescue.  As a result of this “fantasy”, the U.S. borrowed hundreds of billions for that in his 2009 so-called “Stimulus bill … but the shovel ready jobs turned out not to be so “shovel ready”.


Meanwhile, electricity prices have skyrocketed to all-time highs, according to the government’s own official statistics.  That has served as another loss for the middle class, further reducing real incomes.  And, due to his runaway over-regulation(s), pursuing his “War on Coal”, and, other manipulative, ultra-progressive policies, the economy has suffered tremendously.


He has also become known as the “food stamp President” … with the number of U.S. citizens (as well as illegal aliens) on food stamps increasing during his Administration to an all-time record high.  Further, he has consistently given speeches bemoaning “rising inequality”.   This, above all else, is a disgrace … that he has carried on publicly about rising inequality and how that is so important, yet inequality has been precisely accelerating under his own, consistently anti-growth, economic policies, which are precisely crippling the poor and the middle class.


For his entire time in office, blacks have suffered unemployment well into double digits, and, Latino unemployment remains close behind.    Granted, the U.S. economy was in recession when President Obama entered office, however, under every other President in U.S. history, for well over a century at least, the economy was in a booming recovery within five (5) years.


Bottom line … the state of the U.S. economy is in “critical condition”.     All of the afore-going along with outrageous trade imbalances, zero border security and a myriad of other serious “economic maladies” give rise to the hope that a different type of President in 2017 can totally reverse this eight (8) year catastrophic trend.



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