“Surveillance” considerations in Private Investigation cases

As we instruct in our highly-comprehensive Course “Private Investigation” at Police Science Institute, there are numerous errors that both apprentice as well as veteran Private Investigators can make resulting in serious, negative consequences that could cause an entire case to be jeopardized / compromised, or, even worse, falling into legal violations.


Clearly, as a professional Private Investigator, “surveillance” is an intricate and highly important aspect of the operational services to be performed.  In all instances, a well-trained Private Investigator should undertake every effort to “blend in” to his / her case surroundings without the chance of being “observed” for the real and true purposes of his / her presence.    


Here, we very briefly touch upon our Course surveillance “tips” and recommendations in order to achieve investigative success in this regard:


First … WEAR INCONSPICUOUS ATTIREit is essential that the Private Investigator at all times avoids appearing on the job as a “stereotypical PI” (i.e., sunglasses after dark, tactical or flashy clothing, etc.) in order to guard against possible discovery.


Secondly … ACT IN AN INCONSPICUOUS MANNER … do not spend surveillance time lingering in a single, conspicuous location.  Instead, “keep moving” and providing the appearance that you are simply going about your business in a typical, conventional matter suited to the respective surveillance site.


Thirdly … MAINTAIN OPERATIONAL “DISTANCE” … it is essential that during the surveillance process, the Private Investigator at all times maintains a reasonable “distance” from the targeted subject(s).Apart from “blending in” as we have discussed, proper “surveillance positioning” is vital.


Fourthly … ASSURE CAREFUL VEHICLE POSITIONING … be completely assured that even the least intelligent subject will easily figure out something is amiss should you park your vehicle across the street from the surveillance location with someone sitting in it for hours at end.  Always position your vehicle in-between other vehicles and/or a short distance away in order to avoid detection. 


And finally … APPEAR AS IF “YOU BELONG THERE” …  whatever the scope or nature of the surveillance being conducted, the skilled Private Investigator will ALWAYS give the appearance that he / she “belongs” in the site location.


The Police Science Institute consistently instructs its students that the afore-going can truly “make or break” a case !

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