A few basics of Executive / VIP (Bodyguard) protection

In our highly comprehensive and exciting Police Science Institute online Course on “Executive / VIP (Bodyguard) Protection”, we begin with certain elementary basics.   The first being that the real key to successful VIP protection is prevention.   Preventive security requires the Bodyguard to become thoroughly acquainted with the Principal's daily routine.   He / she should be aware of all travel patterns (i.e., from home to office, from corporate office to branch office, from office to restaurant, etc.), and, all business patterns (i.e., secretary taking dictation at 10:30, coffee break at 11:00, conference with the President on Thursday afternoon, etc.).    


After completely examining these established patterns, the Bodyguard must analyze them in order to determine when the Principal is exposed to possible danger.   Having determined dangerous areas, new patterns and alternatives are developed for the Principal to follow so that a would-be assassin can never be certain that the Principal will pass a particular location or be in a certain place at a given time.


The first thing to do is for the Bodyguard to sit down with the Principal and discuss every detail of his / her daily routine.   Eliminate or change any part of it that would put the executive in a vulnerable spot at any predictable time.   Then, take steps to reduce the possibility of him / her being recognized during a chance encounter with a would-be attacker. 


This would include frequently changing the car taken to work (acquire a very common looking rental car that can be changed every day, or, more often if necessary).   Further, change the route to and from work as well as arrival and departure times.    And, change the style and color of the Principal’s clothes.


Next, the Bodyguard should check thoroughly the whole neighborhood area surrounding the Principal’s home.   One of the most vulnerable parts of his / her daily routine is the arrival or departure from home.   Check all trees, elevated ground or buildings, and, any possible hiding places.   Set up an electronic security system for perimeter protection, and, if necessary, hire a private security agency in order to provide regular guard patrol vehicles.  


Make certain that these measures eliminate the possibility of anyone slipping into the yard or into a hiding place from which the yard would be clearly visible.   An especially close check of the area should be made immediately before the Principal arrives or departs.


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