Only hire trained, competent Security Professionals

When it comes to a business consideration as important as “security”, you want the best-trained, dedicated professionals possibly available.  As such, when undertaking the selection process relative to the hiring of your security professional(s), it is an imperative that you have and maintain the full trust, belief and assurance that such employees / contractors will be fully capable of handling ANY “security situation” that may arise in the furtherance of their professional efforts on your behalf.    


It is completely insufficient for you to consider engaging an individual who has merely been working in a position until they finish school or as a temporary job in order to satisfy the professional requirements that could (and would) be demanded (including potentially violent scenarios).   Clearly, the well-trained, highly competent and instinctively-talented professional is the only proper choice.     


Unfortunately, and, to their ultimate detriment, many organizations, institutions, companies and property owners maintain the highly incorrect presumption that provided the mere sight of “a uniform” is present and observed, this will in some manner or fashion be automatically sufficient to deter any criminal activities, burglars or any other person(s) intending harm or damage to property and/or to the person.    Similarly, it is a further fallacy to rely upon the misbelief that a “bare-minimum” of security, in order to merely satisfy minimum insurance provider provisions, will be a satisfactory deterrent against crimes.   


Graduates of the Police Science Institute are in fact dedicated security professionals who have been highly trained to handle any such security-based situation(s) to the benefit of their employers.    The Institute’s unique combination of online, “class” education and real-world experience demonstrably prepares its students for a highly rewarding career in the security field, and, thereby undertaken at an exceptional level of professionalism.


Additionally, another of the ancillary “operational programs” the Police Science Institute strongly recommends implementing is having your security professionals actually pre-train your staff as to emergency evacuation procedures, and, thereby selecting and identifying key employees to be “coordinators”, and, thereby allowing your security staff to be in a position to professionally focus upon the cause of the evacuation (be it a fire, natural disaster or security breach, etc.).    


Obviously … the prevention of every possible security scenario is a factual impossibility.   However, having well-trained and competent security staff in place will effectively ensure that the vast majority of security incidents will be professionally and comprehensively handled smoothly and in an efficient manner. 


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