Unlicensed Private Investigation … a criminal offense ?

Merely “declaring yourself” to be a “Private Investigator” holds no basis in reality when it comes to the legal (and ethical) obligations, duties and responsibilities going with such a designation.  Given the fact that virtually every jurisdiction maintains varying laws and regulations governing the field of Private Investigation, it is not difficult to recognize that the respective penalties for impersonating a “licensed Private Investigator” can be very substantial.   


As such, it is incumbent upon each person entering the Private Investigation field to become fully educated and properly apprised of the applicable Local, State and/or Provincial laws / regulations appertaining to Private Investigation conduct, qualifications, disclosures and responsibilities.  Failure to do so, and, failure to secure the necessary licensing in order to become a bona fide Private Investigator, can result in a myriad of penalties and/or fines, as well as serving as a “bar” from further or future licensing efforts in many jurisdictions.


It is important therefore to recognize that the privilege of becoming a “licensed private investigator”, regardless of the jurisdiction(s), is assuredly NOT automatic nor open to everyone.  For example, an application for a Private Investigation license will inevitably be refused / declined in the event the applicant maintains a past, criminal conviction for data protection offenses (etc.).   The issues of the applicant’s ethics and honesty similarly play a vital role in the process.    


Obviously, this is a very serious matter, deserving the full attention and proper compliance of all persons seeking to become properly designated as a “licensed Private Investigator”.   Furthermore, and, in fact, it is only when a duly-qualified applicant has in all respects completed his / her professional training and education, achieved the appropriate qualifications, and, successfully undergone a criminal background check, that a bona fide Private Investigators license will be legally issued by ANY governing authority(ies).


Whether or not the respective “jurisdiction” maintains direct or indirect regulatory oversight as to the Private Investigation venue has no bearing whatsoever upon the obligation incumbent upon the applicant to make certain that he / she is as comprehensively qualified as possible for that ultimate and desired designation.   


Undertaking an exceptional course of study in this field as provided by Police Science Institute will concurrently fine tune an applicant’s investigation skills and expertise, while necessarily preparing him / her to properly “navigate” the legal, criminal law, law enforcement and court systems so relevant to your future professional efforts.   Graduates of Police Science Institute have been thoroughly trained in both academic excellence and “real world” preparation.

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