What do we mean by “Criminal Justice” ?

In our online Course entitled “Criminal Justice”, we address this general question at the very onset of studies.   Simply put, Criminal Justice is more than just about “crime and punishment”.     In fact, the entire field concerns the pro-active pursuit of social justice in a highly diverse and global society, fraught with complexities and complications.  Further, it involves a comprehensive understanding as to how crimes and criminals are detected, detained and tried within the context of a multiplicity of different jurisdictions.


Since the U.S. terror attacks in 2001, North America has, by necessity, become much more security- and safety-conscious, and, as a result, the demand for those maintaining a professional background in Criminal Justice education has increased dramatically.   The vast field of Criminal Justice has therefore expanded to offer a tremendous number of career options to those seeking such a rewarding opportunity.  


Those interested in working “in the field” can locate a plethora of employment options through the various court, corrections and law enforcement systems.     Similarly, for those seeking other areas of specialty … forensics, cyber investigation and a multitude of “scientific” positions can be considered.


Further, it is imperative that, no matter what country / jurisdiction you are dealing with, those interested in Criminal Justice must carefully and comprehensively know how the respective system operates within the respective jurisdiction that is governing your case or assignment … City, County, State, Provincial or Federal.


As such, the prudent and forward-looking Criminal Justice candidate will waste no time in obtaining the VERY BEST requisite education and academic credentials necessary to give him / her the “strategic advantage” over other seekers, by selecting first a condensed and basic Criminal Justice Course such as offered through Police Science Institute.


With so many avenues from which to choose, most likely the most difficult matter to address with regard to finding a job in the Criminal Justice venue may well be simply trying to personally determine which career path to take.    


As an assist, the Department of Labor (or equivalent body) in each country can help you ascertain the salary and employment outlook for any number of Criminal Justice careers.  But you, the Criminal Justice candidate, must initiate your own “road to success” !


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