Executive Protection - Preface

Extortion, by terrorists or criminal groups, could be the most terrifying experience you and your family will ever encounter.


It is a difficult and serious problem, in part because such crimes are growing at an alarming rate in countries throughout the Western world, and in part because these crimes are often perpetrated by people using desperate and sophisticated techniques.


Most often, the target of Extortionists will be executives who are believed to be either powerful or wealthy, or both, and members of their families.


Despite the frequent reports of such activities, many authorities believe that reported cases represent only a minority of the total number of extortion attempts which have occurred in recent years.  There is considerable evidence that extortion attempts, particularly those involving kidnapping and alleged kidnapping, are seldom reported to the appropriate authorities – and are thus hidden from most people’s view.


What is clear is that extortion-related crime is going to continue to increase, as social, economic and political tensions become more complex.


The last thing I want to see is a high-technology defensive manual in the hands of the wrong people, and for that reason, much of what I might wish to communicate has been left unstated.


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