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Most Criminal Justice systems have five components; law enforcement, prosecution, defense attorneys, courts, and corrections. Each playing a key role. Most Criminal Justice systems have five components ... law enforcement, prosecution, defense attorneys, courts, and corrections ... each playing a key role in the Criminal Justice process. The over-all system is comprised of the set of agencies and processes established by governments in order to uphold social control, deter and mitigate crime, and, sanction those who violate laws with criminal penalties and rehabilitation efforts. The Criminal Justice system can be overwhelming, intimidating, and confusing for anyone who does not work within its context on a daily basis. In the Criminal Justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime, and, the district attorneys, who prosecute the criminal offenders. This course will clearly provide you with a fundamental insight as to what the field of Criminal Justice entails. You will be introduced to the study of the policies, functions and structures related to apprehending, prosecuting, sentencing and incarcerating individuals who have been found guilty of violated criminal laws. Through that, you will be further exposed to a detailed examination of the theories and principles of law enforcement, and, the direct relevance of the judicial system, criminal law and judicial procedures in the process. This course on Criminal Justice attempts to provide you with the necessary “tools” by which you may determine your chosen area of professional expertise. Upon successful Course completion, you are awarded our “Certificate of Achievement” to be used in furthering your education or as an enhancement to your job seeking efforts. Click on the Enrol Now button and begin YOUR “dream” … become an important part of the Police Science Institute’s successful “family of students” !

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What is “Criminal Justice” ?  Criminal Justice consists of three main systems of practices and institutions of government directed at upholding social control, deterring and mitigating crime, and, sanctioning those who violate laws with criminal penalties and rehabilitation efforts.


In the Criminal Justice system, the People are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the Police, who investigate crime, and, the District (or State’s) Attorneys, who prosecute the offenders.


What does   Police Science Institute’s introductory Criminal Justice   online Course encompass?   Our online Fundamentals of Criminal Justice Course addresses the foundational concepts relating to the Criminal Justice system … its scope, nature, intended purpose(s), key components and desired goals, and,  accomplishes this by  focusing  upon  the  prevalent U.S.  Criminal Justice system as  the  foremost  global model  in  both  scope  and  vastness.


Scholars have spent their lives examining and studying only a few of the aspects of ANY Criminal Justice system, as to suggest full knowledge of all is effectively impossible in an online-course modality. As such, the designed purpose of this Fundamentals of Criminal Justice online Course predominantly addresses key aspects of the Criminal Justice system applying to criminal law.


And, because this online Criminal Justice Course is introductory in scope and content, we necessarily focus upon the three most vital “contributors” to the Criminal Justice system along with the interaction thereof … the Police, the Courts and the Corrections venues.


Upon successful completion of our online Criminal Justice Course, our students will have gained a basic understanding of the Criminal Justice system, will have become familiar with the nature of crime and the process of justice, and, will be able to both analyze and appreciate the administration of justice.


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