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Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to frequently asked questions about distance learning courses with Police Science Institute, please select one of the links below.


About Distance Learning

What is a distance learning course?

"Distance learning" may be defined as online education where the Student and the Academic Institution (as well as Faculty Mentor) are not located in the same geographic proximity.


With NO residency and NO classroom attendance required, both your work and home "lives" remain intact, while permitting the pursuit of your education to be thoughtfully and conveniently undertaken.

What are the benefits of a PSI distance learning course?

Police Science Institute has delivered quality education and personal attention to students from 34 Countries for more than a decade. 


At Police Science Institute, the program courses are geared toward your career goals. The majority of your online classes will be in subject areas specifically related to your certified program.  This means you will learn concepts and gain skills that will help you to advance your career. 


And, only Police Science Institute provides its students with a wider range of networking opportunities.  

How is PSI different from other Institutions?

Unlike many other "distance learning" institutes, traditional colleges and universities offering Private Investigation, Private Security and Criminal Justice programs, to the best of our knowledge, PSI is the only Institute solely dedicated to the studies of Criminal Justice, Private Security, Private Investigation, Police Science and other related fields.


In addition, PSI, in affiliation with recognized and licensed Professional Instructors (as certified by the Israeli Ministry of Defense), offers Practical Training in Aviation Security, Air Marshals, Anti-Terrorism Combat, VIP Protection, etc., similarly recognized and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.


PSI Faculties are graduates of Elite Military Units, Intelligence and Security Services, as well as other Professional Disciplines.  All  have  years  of  practical  and  teaching  experience  in  their  respective fields.

What types of students enroll in PSI's distance learning courses?

Most of our students are serious, career-minded individuals who have come to realize the true value of marketable skills in today’s increasingly demanding work force. Many of our students have families and demanding schedules – both of which conflict with the rigid scheduling of classes in conventional school settings. For these students, a distance learning course offers the most logical way in which to train for a career. In fact, many of our students enroll in our distance learning courses based upon the recommendation of other students and graduates.

Is distance learning education right for me?

More and more students, both those of young adult age as well as those of mature age looking for a change in career, now look to  Police Science Institute’s  online programs as a preferable option in order to achieve their higher education and goals. Find out if you are ready for Online Learning.

Tuition & Payment

What does my tuition fee include?

Everything that will be required in order for you to complete your online Program and course-work is fully included with your tuition … except of course for your diligence in study and commitment to academic success. Apart there-from, there is nothing “extra” to purchase.

How much will my tuition be?

The tuition is a "flat cost" for each Course offering, maintaining several "options".  PSI does not charge by credit hour or semester.  There is however an initial $25.00 (USD) registration fee (being presently waived) covering the cost of enrollment and administration.  Please refer to the Tuition & Fees Section for all tuition details.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Police Science Institute's preferred payment method is PayPal. 


PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be undertaken and effected through the Internet.


To establish a PayPal account, go to ... https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webs

Do PSI students receive an incentive for referring individuals who then enroll?

Yes. PSI rewards our students and graduates for their referrals.


You will receive a $50.00 payment to your PayPal account, or, a comparative tuition credit, for each friend  you refer who then enrolls and remains in good standing for a period of not less then 60 calendar days from the date of his / her actual enrollment and Institute acceptance.  You must be either a Police Science Institute student or graduate to participate.

Enrolling in a Course

Are there any educational requirements in order to enroll in a PSI distance learning course?

PSI's online programs are designed for prospective students who are high school graduates, OR, in the alternative, have been awarded the equivalent GED (General Education Development Certificate) as a minimum educational pre-requisite.

Are there any age requirements in order to enroll in a PSI distance learning course?

Yes. All Enrollees must have attained the age of Eighteen (18) years. However, desiring students under the age of Eighteen (18) may be specially considered for enrollment … but must have One (1) parent or guardian approve and co-sign the Enrollment Application / Agreement Form.

Are there special requirements for foreign students?

PSI accepts students without regard to race, creed, color, religion or national origin. However, all students must be Eighteen (18) years of age (unless with parental / guardian approval), and, all students must be reasonably proficient in the English language.

Can I enroll in more than one course at a time?

PSI strongly recommends that you complete only one course at a time, but, it is possible to undertake a maximum of two programs concurrently.  If you wish to learn more about enrolling in more than one program, you will need to speak with one of PSI’'s Staff Admissions Specialists

When can I enroll?

PSI does not impose an "academic calendar" upon its students. Therefore, a prospective student can enroll at any time.  PSI‘s "rolling admissions and graduation policy" allows the prospective student to commence studies immediately after registration and acceptance. In order to begin your studies with PSI, please refer to the Enroll Online Section now.

Completing Your Studies

How long do I have to complete my course?

As an Institute student, you simply begin when you are ready and complete your Program at your own pace. Notwithstanding, all students are permitted up to Two (2) calendar years (from date of acceptance) in which to fully complete their selected Program requirements. On average, however, PSI students earn their Certificates in approximately Three (3) to Twelve (12) months.

How do I take and submit course exams?

In addition to Lesson Assignments, at the end of each Course Lesson, you will take an exam.  Exams will be taken online for all Courses / Programs.  You will complete your exams online through our secured website.  As soon as you pass your exam, you can then proceed to the next Lesson.  Other Lessons will follow as you complete your exams, so that you will always continue moving forward.

What constitutes a passing grade?

Your examinations and assignments will be graded on the following scale:


Lesson Grade (%) Letter Equivalent Rating
90-100 A Excellent
80-89 B Good
70-79 C Passing
Below 69 F Failing


A student who scores below Seventy (70) points on any respective examination will be instructed and required to complete another examination with specific regard to that Lesson.  Upon passing the second examination, the average grade of the Two (2) examinations as combined will be recorded and entered as the student's “final” grade for that particular Lesson.


An overall program average of 70% or greater is required in order to graduate, and, to subsequently earn your Certificate.

Does PSI offer mentoring services?

Yes. PSI recognizes and honors its responsibility to provide its students with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources in order to enable them to make well-informed decisions concerning their careers, as well as ongoing "distance learning" educational opportunities.

Will I be required to study on a fixed schedule?
No.  Along with being convenient, Police Science Institute’s online programs permit enrolled students the beneficial opportunity to concurrently undertake their selected study program(s) at their own pace. 


How does PSI’s graduation and Certificate awarding take place?

For all online students of Police Science Institute, graduation becomes effective upon the student’s successful completion of all Course Lessons, Assignments and Exams within the selected Program.   Upon our immediate review and confirmation of those matters, we will proudly deliver your "Certificate of Achievement" to you via Registered Post.


As a result of such successful graduation, you will have received valuable and specialized training, all of which having been thoughtfully designed to assist you in preparing to be “the best that YOU can be” in your chosen field.

Is my Transcript available upon request?

Police Science Institute at all times carefully maintains a complete and accurate account as to your Course and Program records.  We will be pleased to mail a copy of your Course / Program transcript(s) to any potential employer(s) and/or educational institution(s) you so desire, but of course only with your prior, written consent and instruction to do so.

Does PSI guarantee jobs upon graduation?

No. However, PSI maintains ongoing efforts in referring our graduates to potential employers throughout the free world.

Do I require a license to work as a Private Investigator?

Private Investigator and / or Private Security licensing varies greatly throughout the world, ranging from no licensing requirement at all, to strictly-enforced licensing requirements. Therefore, it is important that students CAREFULLY check all licensing requirements for the State / Province / Country in which they intend to operate as a Private Investigator and / or Private Security Professional.