For Students

Police Science Institute   offers the most complete and comprehensive Academic Programs available within this exciting industry.  All Programs are specifically designed so as to be completed within Three (3) to Twelve (12) months.  Enrollees will be assigned a Faculty Mentor for academic guidance.  


The Institute, by design, maintains an “Open Enrollment” admissions policy, and, as such, a student may enroll and begin his / her studies at any time throughout the calendar year. 

Excellence in Education

The major benefit to any employer in hiring a  Police Science Institute  graduate is the assurance and knowledge that you are bringing a proven professional “on board”.   Police Science Institute graduates have an immediate “edge” over students from other institutions and programs, with backgrounds that have achieved success while facing real-life consequences, proving an experienced addition to your “team”.   

Education Focused on your Career

At  Police Science Institute , the program courses are geared toward your career goals. The majority of your online classes will be in subject areas specifically related to your certified program.  This means you will learn concepts and gain skills that will help you to advance your career.  Now is the time ... reach for your goals!

Monetary Considerations

Tuition costs for  Police Science Institute’s  online programs are exceptionally attractive when compared with “customary” on-campus educational fees.    The fact that all  Police Science Institute’s  online programs are flexible, combined with the fact that there exists no commuting or on-campus expenses, permits students of  Police Science Institute’s  online programs to more readily cater and/or “tailor” their finances to accommodate their educational costs and expenses.

Individual Attention

At  Police Science Institute, we truly measure our success by the individual student.  All online students at  Police Science Institute  are assigned to a “team” of attentive, support professionals for the purpose of guiding and assisting them from date of application and enrollment through graduation (and in many instances thereafter).  The accessibility of our online faculty and staff is highly instrumental to our students' academic success, as well as to our hard-earned professional standing and reputation.

Course Material(s) Geared toward your Career Goals

As a student at Police Science Institute, more than Ninety (90%) percent of your courses will be involving subject areas specifically related to your selected program.    At Police Science Institute, you assuredly will gain the knowledge and experience you need in your program's core content areas, therefore better preparing you for the job market upon graduation. 


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