Academic Guidelines

Police Science Institute offers Courses and Programs which are specifically designed so as to be completed within Three (3) to Twelve (12) months.  Enrollees will be assigned a Faculty Mentor for academic guidance, as well as have access to numerous interactive “tools” in order to enhance the educational process.  However, in order to be successful in the Institute Programs, students are required by necessity to have a fundamental, "working" knowledge of computers and Internet access as a pre-condition to acceptance.


The Institute, by design, maintains an “Open Enrollment” admissions policy, and, as such, a student may enroll and begin his / her studies at any time throughout the calendar year.  Accordingly, there exist neither semester restrictions nor enrollment constraints.  As an Institute student, you simply begin when you are ready and complete your Course / Program at your own pace.  Notwithstanding, all students are permitted up to Two (2) calendar years (from date of acceptance) in which to fully complete their selected Program requirements.


Online Learning System

Police Science Institute  "Online Learning Center" is a computer and Web-based learning environment that has effectively replaced the "traditional" classroom for our many students.  As such, it affords a highly convenient and very efficient medium for both “Faculty-to-Student” as well as “Student-to-Student” interaction.


By this mode, Police Science Institute  students can easily and readily communicate with Instructors, interact with classmates, and, conduct their research online.  Additionally they can: register for classes / courses, effect payment of their tuition and fees, "meet" with a Mentor, obtain their grades. request transcripts and much more.


Even without the “newest” software, Police Science Institute  students can conveniently log onto our Website from any Internet Service Provider … in order that they may check their E-mail(s) as well as access student services from any location and computer.

Academic Requirements

Police Science Institute’s online Courses / Programs are designed for prospective students who are high school graduates, OR, in the alternative, have been awarded the equivalent GED (General Education Development Certificate) as a minimum educational pre-requisite.

Student Help Line

At any time during your tenure as an enrolled student with Police Science Institute, should you have a question or concern, or, desire to discuss a point in your studies, or, simply “need help”, the courteous and knowledgeable members of our Police Science Institute Staff are available to assist you … just E-mail us at any time with your detailed inquiry / request. Be assured, you will always receive prompt, expert guidance.

Your Student Materials

Everything that will be required in order for you to complete your online Course / Program and course-work is fully included with your tuition … except of course for your diligence in study and commitment to academic success. Apart there-from, there is nothing “extra” to purchase.

Program Outline

Each student will begin his or her selected Academic Course / Program with the Institute's "Basic Core" curriculum, thereby progressing through a pre-planned series of "Core" and "Sub-Core" classes, each of which having been carefully developed in order to systematically increase his or her knowledge in the chosen, respective Course / Program. All of the Institute’s Courses / Programs have been designed to provide students first with the basic, then intermediate, and finally, an advanced understanding and knowledge of the Course / Program materials.

Program Objectives

To present and teach comprehensive Academic courses of study which collectively embrace multiple topics and which practically serve as a "foundation of knowledge" for anyone seeking expertise, and/or, for anyone planning to seek active employment within the Private and Public Law Enforcement occupation(s); and,


To provide the opportunity for all Enrollees to undertake a unique and comprehensive educational protocol, which, when successfully concluded, will provide to the graduate(s) a higher degree of sophistication and knowledge to be immediately applied to their selected vocation and/or chosen field of further study, thus concurrently enhancing their "self-value" as well as "market-value" to their employer.

Examination and Grading Procedures

With regard to ALL Police Science Institute Courses and Programs, all Lessons are followed by periodic achievement examinations. As such, you may complete these at your own pace, and, may do so with your “book and notes” open and available for reference. For your convenience, all such examinations are available to complete online. In doing so, you will receive your grading with virtual immediacy … thereby allowing you to move forward to the next Lesson without unnecessary delay.


Each such examination maintains a perfect score of One Hundred (100) points. Our “grading scale” is as follows:


A student who scores below Seventy (70) points on any respective examination will be instructed and required to complete another examination with specific regard to that Lesson. Upon passing the second examination, the average grade of the Two (2) examinations as combined will be recorded and entered as the student's “final” grade for that particular Lesson.

Completion of Course / Program

Upon successful completion of the chosen Course / Program, a "Certificate of Achievement" is conferred upon the "graduate". As a result, he / she will have received valuable and specialized training, all of which having been thoughtfully designed to assist in preparing him / her to be “the best that they can be” in their respective field.


For all online students of Police Science Institute, graduation becomes effective upon the student’s: (a) successful completion of all Course Lessons within the selected Program, and, (b) payment in full of all tuition and fees applicable to the completed Courses / Programs. Upon our immediate review and confirmation of those matters, we will proudly deliver your “Certificate of Achievement” to you via Post.

PSI’s Transcript

Police Science Institute at all times carefully maintains complete and accurate account as to your Course and Program records. We will be pleased to mail a copy of your Course / Program transcript(s) to any potential employer(s) and/or educational institution(s) you so desire, but of course only with your prior, written consent and instruction to do so.

Academic  Honesty

Inherently, “online education” demands a necessary level of presumed “academic trust” and “ethics” which we at Police Science Institute require to be the standard maintained by ALL enrollees. As such, Police Science Institute students may neither receive nor give unauthorized assistance to any other students / parties with regard to any examinations, essays, or, as to any other work submitted to us that is required for Course / Program credit. Similarly, the unauthorized dissemination of any Course / Program materials, procedures or protocols to any “third party” without the prior, written consent of Police Science Institute is strictly prohibited.

PSI’s Copyright Policy

It is the Policy of Police Science Institute to facilitate access to print visual, virtual and electronic resources to further academic teaching / learning and operational objectives in accordance with current legislation, agreements and relevant policies.


Police Science Institute, and, its employees and students, are responsible for adhering to all State, Provincial and Federal laws/regulations, and, to all Institute agreements and policies, and, can be held liable for non-compliance.


Copying, and/or, the distribution of copyright-protected works, beyond the limits outlined in legislation, agreements or policies, and/or, the creation of unauthorized derivative works (i.e., editing copyright-protected photographs, abridgments, translations, etc.) without permission, constitutes copyright infringement, and thereby, academic penalties (as well as others) may be applied.