Air Marshals

This Course offering has been developed primarily for individuals who are presently part of the "overall security system" of airlines as well as inside airplanes.  Present or past experience in Police or Military service does not necessarily “automatically qualify” the interested student for admission, but instead, may serve only as an “added credential” enhancement.  Students to this Practicum (and subsequently to the Profession) are required to demonstrate the requisite aptitudes and professional abilities for this unique and highly demanding career.


PSI offers Advanced-level, Practical Training Courses to become a "Sky Marshal” … conducted by teams of specialists from the Israeli airline industry, airport authorities, as well as the Intelligence and Anti-Terror communities, thereby undertaking a truly “interactive and inter-disciplinary” module.


This Advanced-level Practicum is highly intensive, and, has been carefully designed exclusively for individuals seeking to develop a career and/or advancement in this respective field. 


As in all of PSI‘s Advanced-level, Practical Training Courses, we require a minimum pre-enrollment of students prior to the commencement of the Course.  Accordingly, we invite interested, prospective Enrollees to contact Police Science Institute Administration in order to assure their position for the next Course commencement.

Participants interested in registering for one (1) or more of PSI‘s 
Practical Training courses are required to first contact our
Operational Office via
 Email only.