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The primary role of the Private Security officer is to provide to his / her employer the means by which to operate efficiently and safely. The primary role of the Private Security officer is to provide to his / her employer the means by which to operate efficiently and safely without potential disturbances of riots, theft, injury occurrences, terrorist attacks and/or other criminal events … against both persons and property … and, in a position of maintaining and protecting the facility, people and information in critical situations. In doing so, a high degree of self-confidence and authority must be blended with a high degree of professionalism and trade-expertise. At the same time, Private Security officers must be fully proficient in the latest technology relating to both safety and security. Such matters necessarily include technological equipment, communications and listening devices, detectors, electric gate procedures, and, many other technologies designed to secure persons and places from security breaches. As well, Private Security officers should further be familiar with the applicable legal system, laws and codes, and, how they are all relevant to the Security field. Geared for those interested in either a Security practice or Security Management, this course, setting out the role of the Private Security professional, details the varied methods of overcoming the “risk area”, maintaining the security of institutions, property and personnel, and, practical methodologies for addressing stressful situations, emergency circumstances and other such potential situations. Whether your interest is becoming a Security Guard, or, a Security Manager … this course accurately portrays a fascinating field for anyone interested in becoming proficient in areas concerning evidence, wire-tapping, privacy considerations, security principles, arson investigations, alarm systems and alerts, setting up and operating staff alert-control modes, monitoring facilities, security and safety procedures, preparation of safety procedures, fire prevention, “search and rescue” plans … plus much, much more. Upon successful Course completion, you are awarded our “Certificate of Achievement” to be used in furthering your education or as an enhancement to your job seeking efforts. Click on the Enrol Now button and begin YOUR “dream” … become an important part of the Police Science Institute’s successful “family of students” !

Police Science Institute  provides a full range of ”best-in-class"  Private Security training that involves advanced firearms, executive protection and personal security for VIP’s and other high-profile individuals.


Police Science Institute  pairs a decade of academic excellence with the convenience of attending class online anytime, anywhere … regardless of your geographic location worldwide.


What is “Private Security” ? Private Security describes trained individuals who are engaged in, and, compensated for, the protection of property, assets and/or people. Private Security, also referred to as Security Guards / Officers, are in most instances privately and formally employed by civilian personnel.


What does Police Science Institute’s Private Security Course encompass? The objective of our Private Security Training Course is to provide comprehensive private security training that embraces multiple topics in the field of Private Security.


The field of "Private Security" requires not only a comprehensive knowledge of the "basics", but further demands a continuing education on the part of the practicing Security Guard / Officer in order to keep abreast of current and improved technologies. Clearly, the “role” of the professional in this field is vast and diversified in all respects.


Police Science Institute’s Private Security Training Course has been thoughtfully designed in order to give full and complete attention to all phases of the “security doctrine”, while concurrently addressing standard methods used in handling crime problems and giving personal attention to all training problems. You will find this online Private Security Training Course to be one of the finest of its kind.


Successful graduates of the Private Security Training Course will be awarded a well-deserved academic “Certificate of Achievement”.  Those students who academically excel will additionally be considered for the Course’s exclusive, professional Designation Certificate as a  Registered Security Specialist™”.


In addition, we make every effort to assist our graduates in their job search(es) by way of resume-forwarding to potential employers throughout the free world, and, through our Career Services articles and search-enhancement aids.


Earn Police Science Institute's  highly sought-after “Security and Police Science" Certificate of Achievement … and start your exciting career today ! 

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