Registered Criminologist™

All Police Science Institute enrolled students who have successfully passed and completed our academically-prescribed Program in either  Criminal Profiling or Forensic Science (CSI) are afforded the honor and privilege of admission to our Registered Criminologist™ designation.


This important and special professional designation signifies that the graduate surpasses the “norm” in acknowledged dedication to the highest standards and superior excellence in the practice of Criminology.  Additionally, this designation declares that the respective student has demonstrated, through both academic excellence as well as being deserving of  special trust and confidence, a high level of integrity, diligence and discretion befitting a Police Science Institute Registered Criminologist™.


The procedural steps and requirements required to enroll in the Registered Criminologist™ Program are as follows:


  • upon successful graduation and a passing grade of not less than 90%  from either of our Criminal Profiling or Forensic Science (CSI) Programs, the student will then receive (at no additional cost), the highly-respected Police Science Institute Registered Criminologist™ Certificate (which is in addition to the prior-awarded "Certificate of Achievement" for Course / Program graduation).

Those students having been awarded the Registered Criminologist™ designation will be afforded further and future benefits, consideration and preferences as are offered by Police Science Institute going forward … not to mention the industry-wide reputation and respect going with this unique “designation of excellence”.


Just one more exciting way for the Police Science Institute graduate … “TO BE THE BEST THAT HE / SHE CAN BE” !!


“Registered Criminologist”™ Certificate.

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