The Study of Terrorism

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Terrorism has arguably become one of the defining aspects of our modern-day society. Terrorism has arguably become one of the defining aspects of our modern-day society. From the early beginnings, “terrorism” and “religion” have been “companions” … resulting in traumatic events with regard to impact globally. The modern development of terrorism began during the times of the French Revolution's “Reign of Terror”, at which time, the term “terrorism” was first realized. Since that time, terrorism has been practiced and utilized to achieve political goals, and, has developed as a diabolical “tool” for achieving ends in international global politics, oppression and liberation alike. The “ugly head” of terrorism is witnessed on a daily basis … on the Internet, in newspapers and on television … all depicting attacks or attempted attacks upon ordinary citizens, institutions, businesses, cultures and even governments. Obviously, this phenomena become one of the most important threats to peace, security and stability … impacting everyone everywhere. In this course, we seek to examine the scope and nature of the “threat”, and, further explore the “who, how and why” of each such situation. Further, in an effort to mitigate this “global plague”, this course attempts to explain why terrorism is difficult to defeat, and the problem with military tactics in an attempt to do so. This course has been designed to provide an overview of the development of terrorism from antiquity to modern time, the origins of modern terrorism, as well as the terrorist methods / operations, and, much more. Herein, you will be provided a substantial, but admittedly disquieting, volume of vital information. Upon successful Course completion, you are awarded our “Certificate of Achievement” to be used in furthering your education or as an enhancement to your job seeking efforts. Click on the Enrol Now button and begin YOUR “dream” … become an important part of the Police Science Institute’s successful “family of students” !

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What is “Terrorism” ? The American Heritage Dictionary defines terrorism as "the unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons." In contrast, Anti-Terrorism training, as provided in our Advanced Practical Training Division, examines the procedures, “hands-on” techniques and rationales created and implemented in order to counter terrorist activities.


What does Police Science Institute’s Course in The Study of Terrorism encompass ? Terrorism ... is it the plague of our time? Are you fearful of being involved in a terrorist attack ? Quite frankly, it almost depends upon where in the world you live. That is often the case because a "safe place today is a terror target tomorrow". With the desire on the part of the terrorists to obtain weapons of mass destruction, i.e. chemical, biological, or even a dirty bomb or nuclear bomb, the potential for a massive, destructive attack increases exponentially.


In order to understand and be able to analyze the many tasks involved in anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism, it is important that you first learn the history and foundation of terrorism. By studying the origin of terrorism and its "development", the work of an anti-terrorism / counter-terrorism professional will simply emerge in the right perspective. Choosing our top-rated online Terrorism Studies Training Course will help you develop a clear overview of terrorism and a necessary understanding of its impact upon everyday life.


If you're pursuing any career involving the field of political science or criminology, or, if you are interested in understanding the reasons for terrorist acts, or, if you want to know the prospect for a career in Terrorism Studies, then this Training Course is the right choice for you.


Successful graduates of the Terrorism Studies Training Course will be awarded a well-deserved academic “Certificate of Achievement”.  Those students who academically excel will additionally be considered for the Course’s exclusive, professional Designation Certificate as a Registered Terrorism Analyst™”.


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