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Why “PSI”

Unlike  many other "distance learning" institutes, traditional colleges and universities offering Private Investigation, Private Security and Criminal Justice programs, to the best of our knowledge, Police Science Institute is the only Institute solely dedicated to the studies of Criminal Justice, Security, Private Investigation, Police Science and other related fields.


Police Science Institute Faculties are graduates of Elite Military Units, Intelligence and Security Services, as well as other Professional Disciplines. All have years of practical and teaching experience in their respective fields.

For Students

Police Science Institute   offers the most complete and comprehensive Academic Programs available within this exciting industry.  All Programs are specifically designed so as to be completed within Three (3) to Twelve (12) months.  Enrollees will be assigned a Faculty Mentor for academic guidance.  


The Institute, by design, maintains an “Open Enrollment” admissions policy, and, as such, a student may enroll and begin his / her studies at any time thr


For Employers

Police Science Institute  produces the most experienced and professional graduates of any specialized learning institution.  Unlike the majority of learning institutions that emphasize textbook concepts,  Police Science Institute  encourages our students’ professional development through hands-on, work-related experience.


When a "Certificate of Achievement" is conferred by  Police Science Institute, it is the product of years of practical learning combined with superior instruction in the subjects found most valuable to Polic