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Criminal Profiling involves the necessary reconstruction of both the intentions and motives pertaining to those in our society who are serial offenders. The crux of Criminal Profiling involves the necessary reconstruction of both the intentions and motives pertaining to those in our society who are serial offenders. Murderers, rapists, arsonists all ... invariably leave "psychological evidence" at the scene of every respective crime. This evidence must be carefully ascertained, then examined, and, finally analyzed as a vital part of the investigative process. World-wide, Law Enforcement at every level has come to recognize the increasing importance of this process ... to address the crime "through the eyes of the perpetrator".Considering the global rise in behavioral abnormalities, psychoses, psychopathological conduct, along with elevated cases of severe criminal circumstances, it is no wonder that the Criminal Profiler, by using creativity, "vision" and superior investigative skills, has become a Law Enforcement necessity rather than luxury. The combined "art and science" of delving into a perpetrator's motive and behavioral intentions have therefore become a valid resource for Prosecutors, Behavioral Scientists, Investigators, Forensic Scientists, Academic Researchers and students alike. This course provides the "budding Criminal Profiler" a treasure trove of valuable knowledge with regard to this fascinating field of study and practice. Matters pertaining to locating victims, recognition of the "modus operandi" of the suspect, and, the myriad diversity of unique clues and case considerations will assuredly capture your attention. Upon successful Course completion, you are awarded our “Certificate of Achievement” to be used in furthering your education or as an enhancement to your job seeking efforts. Click on the Enrol Now button and begin YOUR “dream” … become an important part of the Police Science Institute’s successful “family of students” !

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What is "Criminal Profiling" ?  Criminal Profiling is the act of developing a psychological profile of an offender based upon the "state" of the respective crime scene.  This investigative technique, most commonly referred to as Criminal Profiling, has recently risen in popularity ... both in practical use and in media portrayals.


What does Police Science Institute’s Course in Criminal Profiling encompass ?  The aim of this course is to engage you to: understand the basics of criminology and its origin; understand the work aspects of Criminal Profilers; master the latest investigative techniques used by international enforcement organizations; psychologically evaluate a list of suspects and recognize criminal behavior patterns and motives; outline and construct a criminal profile based upon your own, professional scientific assessments and assumptions, and, much, much more.


Overall, there exists a great deal that a crime scene can “tell” a Forensic Psychologist about the person who committed the crime.  This is especially true in homicide investigations. Criminal Profiling is often used to help Investigators apprehend psychopaths and serial killers that may otherwise go free.  It can also be utilized to help catch other types of offenders, such as arsonists and rapists.  A Criminal Profile is in reality … a “psychological sketch” of an offender. 


In order to properly and fully understand, and, be able to analyze the many tasks of a Criminal Profiler, it is important that you learn the basics of Criminology.  By studying the origin of Criminology and its field of competency, the work of the Criminal Profiler will simply emerge in the proper perspective.  Criminal Profiling is in fact about reconstructing the serial offender’s motives and intent by closely examining all psychological evidence left by perpetrator(s) at a crime scene.


Should you feel the urge to recognize what lies beyond the offender’s criminal trail in the search for victims, their modus operandi, and, their ultimate “dark dreams” … this Course will reward you with valuable knowledge about this exciting field.   This Course will nurture your curiosity into a deeper understanding about Criminal Profiling.


Successful graduates of the Introduction to Criminal Profiling Training Course will be awarded a well-deserved academic "Certificate of Achievement”.  Those students who academically excel will additionally be considered for the Course’s exclusive, professional Designation Certificate as a Registered Criminologist™”.


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