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The field of Forensic Science (“CSI”) is one of the few areas of law enforcement where science, technology and crime-solving intersect. The field of Forensic Science (“CSI”) is one of the few areas of law enforcement where science, technology and crime-solving intersect. This combination supports the “Theory of Transfer” … "when two objects meet, some evidence of that meeting can later be found and verified." From the ancient Chinese culture to the present-day phenomena known as the "CSI-effect" upon the general population, the importance of this field of study has continued to increase, progress and enhance criminal investigations. On television show, "C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation", viewers get to watch as investigators find and collect evidence at the scene of a crime, making blood appear as if by magic. Many of us believe we have a pretty good grip on the process, and rumour has it criminals are getting a jump on the good guys using tips they pick up from these shows about forensics. But does Hollywood get it right ? Do crime scene investigators follow their DNA samples into the lab ? Do they interview suspects and catch the bad guys, or is their job all about collecting physical evidence ? In this course, we'll examine what really goes on when a CSI "processes a crime scene" and goes behind the crime-solving techniques dramatized on the TV show to examine the reality of these cutting-edge procedures. For fans of the television show, as well as true crime buffs and science readers - this is the real thing. Upon successful Course completion, you are awarded our “Certificate of Achievement” to be used in furthering your education or as an enhancement to your job seeking efforts. Click on the Enrol Now button and begin YOUR “dream” … become an important part of the Police Science Institute’s successful “family of students”

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What is “Forensic Science” ? Forensic Science may be defined as "the recognition, collection, identification, individualization and interpretation of physical evidence and the application of science and medicine for criminal and civil law, and/or, regulatory purposes."


What does Police Science Institute’s Course in Forensic Science encompass ? The objectives of this Course are intended to provide students with the required conceptual and practical knowledge of Crime Scene Investigation . This Course will provide you with the important historical basis of Forensic Investigation ... from the ancient Chinese culture to the phenomena known today as the "CSI-effect" on the general population. This Course explains the methods and protocol involved in the Crime Scene Investigator's prime directives: to Protect and Preserve the evidence.


Your Course studies will also include vitally descriptive coverage beginning at the time you first enter a crime scene through your providing of court testimony. You will gain an insight as to the necessity of assuring the integrity of evidence, the need for attention to “chain of evidence” considerations, procedural aspects of identification / collection of “biological fluids”, tire marks, weapons, firearms and much, much more.


And, of equal importance, your ability to properly document all retrieved evidence through careful handling will be addressed. Matters pertaining to “victimology”, “secondary vs. primary” crime scenes and witness / family interviews are as well discussed. From initial arrival at a crime scene to testifying in court, this online class offers students the fundamentals of one of the most fascinating jobs within the field of law enforcement.


Successful graduates of the Forensic Science (CSI) Training Course will be awarded a well-deserved academic "Certificate of Achievement”.  Those students who academically excel will additionally be considered for the Course’s exclusive, professional Designation Certificate as a Registered Criminologist™”.


In addition, we make every effort to assist our graduates in their job search(es) by way of resume-forwarding to potential employers throughout the free world, and, through our Career Services articles and search-enhancement aids.


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